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Policies and Procedures 2023-2024

*Your signature on the registration form indicates you have read, understand and agree to the following:

Tuition & Registration

Tuition is paid via Recurring Charge on the 3rd of the month, set up at the time of registration.

There is a $35 Registration fee per family, per year which will be charged at the time of registration.

It is your responsibility to update your payment information in the event that it changes prior to the 3rd of the month.

A $10 fee will be charged to your account for failed tuition payments as a result of expired or declined cards or insufficient funds.

Performance fees can be paid online.

DcD is a 10-month program, and 3 make-up classes can be schedule per session.

Summer Dance Classes are separate from the Academic school year (September-June) and at DcD we offer both Summer Intensive classes for older students and Summer Dance Camps for younger students! Popular summer classes are Pre-Ballet for ages 3 & up, Ballet technique classes for Elementary through Advanced students, & "Nutcracker in July" Summer Dance Camps for Age 3-6.

Make-Up Policy

DcD allows each student to make up 3 missed classes per Academic year. Students may not make-up for scheduled DcD closings as listed on our Calendar of Events.

Discontinuing Dance:

To discontinue classes at DcD, a full 30-day notice must be given to the office via email to [email protected] to give us time to fill the space and cancel your credit card. If you do not send a notice you will continue to be billed/charged until you do so.

Your 30 day notice will begin on the day we receive the discontinuation email. Tuition cannot be pro-rated so if your discontinuation email is received less than 30 days prior to the next billing date, you will be enrolled for the upcoming month. There are absolutely no exceptions to this policy. Once discontinued, another registration fee will apply to re-register. Students that are enrolled in May cannot discontinue for June, no exceptions! This policy will be strictly enforced.

Students that discontinue dance before the end of the program (June) cannot register for the upcoming Fall until June 1st. Students that discontinue before June and have registered for the upcoming Fall will lose their space and have to re-register after June 1st.

DcD Holidays:

DcD is closed for Memorial Day, Labor Day weekend, Halloween, Sunday-Saturday of Thanksgiving Weekend, 2 weeks for Holiday Break in December, and 1 week for Spring Break and all major holidays. Your monthly tuition reflects these studio closures.

Scheduling Private Lessons:

Private Lessons are $80 per hour, and must be paid at the time of the lesson. In addition, students must be current with regular DcD tuition before scheduling a private lesson.

When a request is sent via e-mail for a Private Lesson, DcD will arrange a time for the private lesson dependent upon the teacher’s, students and studios availability. If a Private Lesson is arranged, and the dancer fails to show up, the student is still responsible for paying for the Teacher’s time at the rate of $80/hour.


DcD expects dancers to remain loyal to our studio. Students currently enrolled in classes at DcD are not allowed to take dance lessons at other local studios, including other local Summer Intensives.


Do not communicate with teachers in the hallway in between classes, please email the school with any questions as teachers time is limited. Thank you!


DcD has the need for numerous volunteers throughout the year. Volunteer assistance helps us to bring opportunities to students that may not otherwise be possible, especially during performance time. If you would like to volunteer, please contact us. Thank you!


In the event of inclement weather, cancellations will sent via email and posted on social media.
We typically follow both DPS & Blessed Sacrament after-school programs for weather closures.

DcD Company, Apprentice & Company:

DcD offers a unique opportunity for its dancers to join our Performance Company or Junior Company for the Children's Nutcracker and the June "Triple Bill" performance. Joining the Company is a commitment for both parent and student.

Please be advised that ALL of the requirements within the contract will be enforced. Your signature ensures that you have read, understand and agree to the Company, Apprentice and Junior Company Contract.

Casting and Productions:

At DcD, we discourage competition as a part of dance training. Our focus is to develop a long lasting passion for dance while keeping it both professional and fun. We want all of our dancers to feel like their roles in our productions are crucial to the success of the overall performance. Please understand that being part of a large production means that some dancers will, undoubtedly, be disappointed with their roles and it's likely dancers will repeat roles from year to year.

With that in mind, its important for dancers and parents to manage their expectations. We encourage our dancers to accept their roles graciously and be supportive of your peers roles. All discussion of casting should be kept positive and dancers are discouraged from comparing their roles to those of other dancers.
Remember, the goal is to have a successful performance and to have fun!

Promotion Policy:

DcD students are only promoted when they have demonstrated a mastery of the material in their current level. Students are not promoted automatically after one year, regardless of age. It is not uncommon for students to spend more than one year in a particular level so that they end up in Level 5 classes in high school. Age is only considered for placement of young dancers in beginning levels. DcD staff will decide class placement for returning students.

For Level 1 and up, we require near-perfect attendance. Students who are absent on a regular basis hold the rest of the class back. If your dancer cannot commit to classes two/ three times a week, they should register for once/week classes at DcD.

Dress Code:

Students who do not comply with the following dress code may not be permitted to participate in class.

No jewelry is allowed in class, with the exception of small, stud earrings for pierced ears.

Hair must be in a bun, no ponytails.

Girls: Black leotard, pink ballet (footed tights), pink ballet slippers. Split-sole, canvas, ballet slippers are recommended for Level 1, 2, 3 and Advanced dancers.

Boys: White t-shirt, black, footed boys tights, black ballet slippers.

Ballet slipper strings should be double-knotted and trimmed to 1/2 inch length. Bows are not allowed, they come untied easily and become a tripping hazard. Please trim your child’s child’s ballet strings before they attend their first class.

Please label the inside of all dance shoes, water bottles and dance attire with your child’s name.

Lost & Found:

The Dance Conservatory of Denver is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Lost items will be placed in the Lost & Found. Dancewear should be marked with each students name so that items can be easily identified.

Performance Opportunities:

Fully registered students have the opportunity to perform in our annual Children’s Nutcracker and Triple Bill Performances. Performance is an integral part of dance training, and DcD students are encouraged to participate. Students must commit to the entire schedule of rehearsals and performances.

Pick-up Policy:

Students should remain in the building & with their teacher when waiting for their ride.

Parents are asked to establish a policy with their children regarding pick-up and drop-off procedures. Teachers will walk Pre-Ballet through Intermediate level students to the main doors after class if you don't want to come into the building. We'll continue with the one way in/ one way out entrance and exit again this year. Students should wear clothing or a cover-up over their leotard and tights when arriving and departing from the studios. Dance shoes should not be worn outside.

DcD Parent and Student Handbook:

Students must attend all classes for which they are registered. Progress in class is dependent upon regular and consistent participation. Excessive absence slows student and class progress.

Students must arrive on time for class, and should be dressed and ready at scheduled class time. If students arrive late, they must wait for acknowledgement from the Instructor before joining the class. Students arriving late for class may be asked to observe class and not participate (due to injury if not properly warmed up.)

Students are expected to be attentive, quiet, and courteous in class.

Parents and students are expected to clean up after themselves in the hallway before they leave.

Students are not allowed to run or yell in the hallway.

DcD reserves the right to expel any student whose conduct or attendance is unsatisfactory.

Students are not allowed to leave class without permission. Students may NOT be dropped off for class early unsupervised.

Students are not allowed to hang on the Barres in the studios.

Students are not allowed to touch the mirrors in the studios.

Students should not bring valuable items to the studio. DcD is not responsible for any items that are lost or stolen.

ONLY students are allowed in the studio during class time. Parents and siblings should remain in the hallway during class, as it is disruptive to the teacher and students in class.

Please refrain from loud and boisterous activity within the school building, playing with the lockers or blocking doorways. We appreciate your help keeping the hallways clear.

Students are expected to be respectful, supportive and encouraging to one another and bullying will not be tolerated.


My daughter loves DCD! I can see the joy and growth in my daughter’s dancing/performances and above all she is happy and having fun!! Highly recommend!!

Elise R.

My daughter has been dancing with DCD for 6 years since she was 3. She absolutely loves the studio, teachers and her friends there.

Kristen F.

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DcD was founded in 2000 by Artistic Director Jennifer Micek with the goal of creating a studio that values family, education, creativity and a lifelong passion for dance and the arts. DcD discourages competition as a part of Dance training while promoting a fun and caring environment for all of it's dancers.

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